More Than Just a Document

I consider my CV a living, breathing representation of who I am and everything that I want to be. A resume can tell you what jobs a person has held in the past, but a CV provides the reader with intricate details about what specifically someone studies and how they study it. From topic, to theory, to title choice, my CV reflects the combination of hard work and light-heartedness that I carry with me every day.

What Matters Most?

I've always been in love with teaching. Even as an undergraduate I was passionate about the performative and informative elements of instruction. It was not until I arrived at ASU to begin my doctorate that I fell in love with my research. I now believe the two are inextricably intertwined. Of course, service is something I do, not as a reputation builder, but as someone who genuinely enjoys interacting with my peers and community members. Service is something we all do out of a communal sense of responsibility.

Program of Research



Research Initiatives


Stein, J. B., & Davidson, M. J. (R&R). Exploring the Predictive and Theoretical Validity of Network Interference and Facilitation. Revised and resubmitted to a special edition of the Southern Communication Journal (The initiation, maintenance, and dissolution of romantic relationships) in March of 2018.


Stein, J. B., Mongeau, P. A., Posteher, K. A., & Veluscek, A. M. (in press). “Netflix and chill?”: Motivations for engaging in friends with benefits relationships. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality. doi: 10.3138/cjhs.2018-0045

Stein, J. B., Ray, C. D., van Raalte, L. J., & Mongeau, P. A. (in press). Testing Relational Turbulence Theory In friends with benefits relationships. Ohio Communication Journal, 57. 6-17

Stein, J. B., Mongeau, P. A., & Truscelli, N. I. (R&R). Measuring the Sources and Content of Network-Based Relational Uncertainty: Looking Outside of the Dyadic Bubble. A second round of revisions was submitted in March hof 2019

Stein, J. B. (R&R). A longitudinal test of Relational Turbulence Theory. Received revise and resubmit from the Journal of Human Communication Research in June of 2018.

Stein, J. B. (2018). “The company you keep”: Developing a measurement model of network and partnerinterdependence. Accepted to The Journal of Communication Methods and Measurements in June of 2018. doi: 10.1080/19312458.2018.1487546

Floyd, K., Ray, C. D., van Raalte, L. J., Stein, J. B., & Generous, M. A. (2018). Interpersonal touch buffers pain sensitivity in romantic relationships but heightens sensitivity between strangers and friends. Research in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, 6(1). 27-34.

Pettigrew, J., Shin, Y., Stein, J. B., & van Raalte, L. (2017). Family communication and adolescent alcohol use in Nicaragua, Central America: A test of primary socialization theory. Journal of Family Studies, 17(1), 33-48.


Mongeau, P. A. & Stein, J. B. (2017). Friendship and sexual access. The Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychology


Stein, J. B., Veluscek, A. M., Posteher, K. A., & Mongeau, P. A. (under review). “Netflix and Chill?”: Motivations for engaging in Friends With Benefits Relationships. Pending Submission to the Canadian Journal of  Human Sexuality in September, 2018


Teaching Experience

Dixie State University

COMM 4500 - Communication and Conflict

COMM 2110 - Interpersonal Communication

Arizona State University

COM 494 - Uncertainty & Close Relationships

COM 411 - Family Communication

COM 408 - Univariate Statistics

COM 317 - Nonverbal Communication

COM 312 - Conflict & Negotiation

COM 310 - Relational Communication

COM 308 - Advanced Research Methods

COM 230 - Small Group Communication

COM 225 - Public Speaking

COM 110 - Interpersonal Communication

COM 100 - Intro to Human Communication

Community Colleges

COM 225 - Public Speaking (online)



Reviewer for the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

Reviewer for the Journal of Social Networks

Ad hoc Reviewer for the Journal of Personal Relationships

ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association Travel Grant Reviewer

ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association Research Grant Reviewer

Assisted President-Elect (Dr. Paul Mongeau) in scheduling of panels and presentations for WSCA Spokane, WA

ASU Communication Graduate Student Association Recruitment Officer Liaison

ASU Communication Graduate Student Association Recruitment Officer

Competitive paper reviewer for the Western States Communication Association (Interpersonal division & Health division)

Competitive paper reviewer for the National Communication Association (Interpersonal division)

Competitive paper reviewer for the International Communication Association (Interpersonal division)

Chair of Panels at NCA – Interpersonal Division

Chair, Credentials Committee at the Western States Communication Association San Diego, CA

ASU Communication Graduate Student Association Vice President

Certified in the facilitation of Civil Dialogue engagements - and alternative to debate