Public Outreach

I am a continuing contributor to (formerly Please see below for my posts on their website:

Romeo & Juliet

Netflix and Chill

Relational Turbulence


Breakup Strategies

Five Ways to Tell if Your Crush is Into you

The Ties that Bind

A while back, ASU’s school newspaper (State Press) reached out to me about my research on friends with benefits relationships, click below to read the article:

Just Friends

I’ve also now been featured in the Dixie Sun News (DSU’s student paper) a couple of times giving communication advice to students going through it:

Couple’s Guide

Podcast coming!

That podcast link details a project that I started up in the Fall of 2020. ITs a podcast called Red Rock Relationships, and although the project is still in its early stages, we have a few episodes out. On the show I bring on my former professors, colleagues, and some other very smart folks to talk about relationships and how to manage them!

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