Geitur & Goose


These is my very very handsome puppies: Geitur (Jee-tur), named after my idol and hero, Derek Jeter, and Goose, named for Richard Gossage.¬†They are very much an “odd couple,” as they have quite distinct personalities, but they love me and each other very deeply. My life mostly revolves around them and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Travel Addict


I am fortunate enough to be in a profession where travel is mandated. Academic conferences take me across the country and all over the globe. For these these are opportunities to network with some of the brightest minds in the world, but also to absorb cultures that are different than the one I was raised in. I am so thankful for the luxury to see the world. Covid, of course, put a pin in this, but as thins clear up I’ll be looking to cross a few more places off my list!

Hugh’s Angels & Pickleball


While at ASU, my love for team sports eventually took over and I just had to put a softball team together. Twelve ASU grad students (all COM people) and a couple of significant others play on my slow pitch, co-ed softball team. We finished the year over .500 and had a blast!

When I first moved to St. George means that there is absolutely no wiffleball at all (see below), I had to find another obscure sport to practice. Pickleball has been a great way to meet some super nice folks. The natural tennis player in me loves the game and I’m happy to say I’e even won a few medals! I still play every once in a while, but I found my wiffs again!

Wiffleball & NY Sports

Believe it or not, there are highly competitive wiffleball leagues out there, and I’ve traveled the country playing in many of them. Currently, I’m an allstar caliber pitcher in Premiere League Wiffle – you should check them out on twitch! Aside from that I try to travel across the country to play as much as I can, and every now and then I even win a little!