Throughout my childhood and adolescence I was always quite good at two things: reading people, and articulating my thoughts. In speaking with many of my peers and students, I noticed that communication was a major that many undergraduates “limped in” on when they couldn’t think of any other major to declare. I knew I wanted to be a COMM person from day one…I just didn’t know that I wanted to be a lifer.


I Took a Communication Course in High School

It was a class about rhetoric. I thought I might use those tactics to improve my skills in marketing and advertising. That’s where I had connections, so that’s where I thought I should go. I got my B.A. in Communication and completed three internships along the way. After graduation I landed a job for a small marketing firm, but I never accepted the position. I dropped everything and went back to school

I Knew Nothing About Academia

I googled “How do I become a professor?” I had no more connections, but I was drawn to the discipline. I was fortunate enough to fall under the tutorship of Jennifer Theiss while getting my M.A. at Rutgers. Her guidance directed me to NCA 2013 where, through a twist of fate, I met my PhD advisor, Paul Mongeau. I’m still young(ish), so I’m learning, but aren’t we all?


My Purpose

I am fortunate enough to have realized how I’m meant to contribute to society. Through active learning plans, creative assignments/activities, and a genuine connection with my students, I aim to help build better human beings by cultivating an empathetic, academic, and enjoyable presence. I hope that this environment continues on not only in my classroom, but also in my service, research, and personal life.